Dispute Resolution and Insolvency

Finding solutions for distressed times is no easy task: it entails deep understanding of the enterprise/ situation at hand and of the industry landscape, but also capacity to innovate and ability to raise consent [i.e. be it from the creditor(s), appointed administrator or internal stakeholders].

Our Dispute resolution and Insolvency Practice is on a continuous quest for practical solutions to complex problems. We deeply believe that each court case should be handled with its own tailored strategy, focused on the client’s needs and its long term implications. Identifying the best strategy for each case is a journey that starts with understanding our client’s business and specific objectives and entails a deep analysis of all available options under the legal and regulatory environment our client’ operates in. Along this process, we closely cooperate with the client’s technical specialists and, if needed, the client’s in-house counsels as they are well positioned to offer precious insights. Throughout this journey, our strong legal knowledge is a key ingredient ultimately enabling us to best serve the client’ goals.

We have extensive experience in corporate risk management and conflict management and we may offer support in minimizing risk exposure with the overarching goal of avoiding disputes. However, should disputes arise, we provide our clients with the optimal dispute resolution strategy. Once the potential legal solutions have been assessed and the strategy jointly agreed with the client, our aim is to minimize the dispute duration, avoid disruption to the client’s business and unnecessary costs.

Our team has gathered significant experience in complex and sophisticated disputes in various industries (e.g. energy, oil & gas, environment, real estate, banking and financial, structural funds etc) and across a large variety of legal fields (e.g. civil, corporate and commercial, labour, administrative, regulatory, public procurement, intellectual property etc). We have been involved in a number of large negotiations that preceded the opening of insolvency proceedings; we have also advised in successful reorganizations as well as bankruptcy proceedings. Since the 2008 crisis, we have negotiated large debt restructurings with excellent results. We have completed also voluntary liquidations. As part of our endeavor to reach our client’s goals, we have assisted in enforcement proceedings and we have also performed debt recovery actions.

We are a fully integrated team striving to offer state of the art legal & commercial advice by leveraging all our business experience: when laying the foundation of each case, our litigators regularly call in the team members of other Practices in order to come up with a cohesive approach which will favour the selection of the optimal strategy.

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